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Founded in 1942, Kamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant is the non-ferrous metal processing leader in Russia with 32% market share
• Over 800 employees work in the Company with production output of around 20,000 tons annually
• Rods, wire, strips, bus-bars, anodes, casting alloys, metal powders, and fine powders. Over 16,000 sizes and 140 alloys
• The products we manufacture are used in electrotechnical, metallurgical, chemical, and oil processing industries, tool manufacturing, and aviation materiel
• Our Company exports its products far abroad, e.g. Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, etc.
• Quality Management System certified complying with ISO 9001:2008 is operating in the Company

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Closed Joint Stock Company “Invetsments.Engineering.Construction” is established in 2007 and currently is one of the leading companies that professionally runs the projects in the field of construction of infrastructure facilities and hydraulic structures, dredging works performance, carrying out the functions of general contracting and project engineering. The company provides its services at all project stages: preparation, implementation, appraisal of results.

IEC, CJSC specializes in the following key areas:

  • Construction of the man-made infrastructure facilities;
  • Construction of the hydraulic structures;
  • Creation of new areas and development of port infrastructure;
  • Performance of dredging works.

Video about the company: https://yadi.sk/i/_9GS5XnY3WeTZK

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Volzhanka boats in Sweden
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The first lot of legendary Russian boats Volzhanka arrived in Sweden. Since 2004 the Russian shipyard Volzhanka has produced all-purpose aluminium boats for work and leisure. Volzhanka company is a regular participant of Swedish exhibitions Allt på sjön and Allt för sjön, and the Swedish consumers appreciate high quality and performance of the boats. Now the Volzhanka boats are available for all Swedish customers.

Sberbank, with support from Digital Economy ANO and the Russia Association of Banks, will hold the International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC). The event will take place on 5-6 July 2018 at the World Trade Centre in Moscow.

The congress will serve as an international and interindustry platform for global dialogue on pertinent issues of cybersecurity between representatives of government bodies, global business leaders and high-profile experts in a globalised and digitised world.

The congress agenda will feature panel discussions, roundtables, and speeches by key international cybersecurity experts.


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Plant “STEKLONiT” is one of the leaders in the production of geosynthetic materials in our country. The first industrial batch of products was issued by the company in 1963, and it itself founded in 1961. Currently, the plant “STEKLONiT” are manufactured geocells are monofilament, fiberglass, multiaxial fabric, roofing and insulation materials, exterior fiberglass and many other types of fiberglass products.

Currently STEKLONiT JSC comprises two factories, STEKLONiT and Tverstekloplastik, outfitted with high-technology equipment, and Composite Solution, an R&D center. Through half-century of manufacturing experience combined with state-of-the-art technologies, the company manufactures high-quality products in line with breakthrough process engineering solutions.

STEKLONiT JSC is the leading Russian manufacturer of geosynthetic materials. The company manufactures geosynthetic products, innovative functional and construction materials forroad construction, defense industry complex, oil and gas industry, construction of buildings and facilities, railway construction, metallurgy and metalworking, vehicle and machine engineering, motor vehicles complex and many other industries. There is an international ISO 9001 quality management system implemented at the enterprises of STEKLONiT JSC. Products for road industry were certified at the EC market.

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