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Invitation to Webinar
“How to open an online and oline school of robotics – a stable business for all times”

Company “ROBBO” expresses the deepest respect to you personally and to your organization and has
the honor to invite you to an online business webinar about opening a successful and stable business
in educational area – online and oine school of robotics and coding.
At the webinar you will learn:
• Why the educational business will always be successful?
• How to hire, train and keep a qualified teacher,
• How to ensure a constant customer flow,
• How to conduct online and offline business and not be afraid of external restrictions,
• Why is it best to enter the educational business market through a successful franchise?
Date and time (choose a convenient time):
• May 28, 1 PM GMT+3, duration 75 min
• May 28, 7 PM GMT+3, duration 75 min
Webinar speakers:
• Pavel Frolov, Producer at ROBBO
• Maria Shipkova, Regional Manager at ROBBO
• Maria Hakkarainen, Head of ROBBO Finland
• Keisuke Kubota, Head of ROBBO Club
Fukuoka, Japan
Duration – 75 minutes
Register here to join the webinar https://forms.gle/9VuxijpNAZxQCwAUA
We have developed a methodic solving the main problem of modern education – the lack of consistent
technical education for children. This methodic helps 50,000+ children in 18 countries to study in
ROBBO Clubs and learn Robotics, Programming, 3D-Printing and other Engineering disciplines.
ROBBO products and solutions will prepare children for a promising highly paid creative profession in
the world of the future, where all the monotonous work is done by robots. Innovative set of equipment
and electronic educational complex allow children to be truly creators, educators use a modern technology
and everything together develop.
As market player, ROBBO is recognized internationally and has registered offices in Russia, Finland and
Japan and two certified production facilities of robotic education kits in Finland and Russia.

The annual business publication “SEZ Business Navigator 2019” has been prepared by the author team of the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia with support from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Its major goal is to analyse investment attractiveness of the Russian Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for Russian and foreign investors from a comparative perspective.

“SEZ Business Navigator 2019” provides investors and other stakeholders with essential information concerning the whole actual infrastructure in the territory of Special Economic Zones. It is based on the conducted comprehensive study of the current state of development and investment attractiveness of the Russian SEZs, their competitive advantages, including both federal and regional tax privileges, other preferences, as well as the current competitive advantages of the project sites.

“SEZ Business Navigator 2019” is addressed to Russian and foreign investors, management teams of corporations and regional enterprises, financial institutions, loan companies, federal and regional executive bodies, the expert community as well as other readers interested in investment activities, financial management, spatial development.

Students of both the State University of Management and the Moscow Pedagogical State University have contributed to preparing the III National SEZs Investment Attractiveness Index 2019, which is an integral part of the publication “SEZ Business Navigator 2019”.

Annual Review “Russian Technology Parks – 2019” was prepared by the authors of the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia. It is dedicated to the specific features of technology parks development in Russia and abroad as well as benchmarking Russian technology parks’ operation efficiency.

This issue presents a comprehensive research of current technology park development level, specific features of their development, their managing companies’ operational efficiency and legislation on technology parks. This information allows technological enterprises and investors to find their way through the variety of sites bearing in mind projects in progress while the regional authorities and development institutions can find there the best practices of technology parks operation to disseminate.

Annual review “Russian Technology Parks – 2019” is intended for a wide range of readers interested in the issues of innovation activity, regional economy development and investment attraction, strategic planning and socioeconomic development. It can be used by the members of technology park managing companies and residents, federal, regional and local authorities and expert society.

ARMZ Mining Machinery says it has become the first and only company in Russia and the CIS producing lithium-ion battery-powered mining equipment through a collaboration with Aramine.

The company, part of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co, has started producing the mining equipment in Krasnokamensk, in the Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia, at the site of Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PIMCU, PJSC is a part of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co).

The project is being implemented under an industrial partnership agreement ARMZ Uranium Holding Co and France-based Aramine, signed in April 2019. As part of this pact, ARMZ Mining Machinery is the project operator.

ARMZ said the production from Krasnokamensk will cover the internal needs of ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corp (of which ARMZ is a part of), and let the company enter foreign markets with competitive products.

The ARGO LHD 140B is designed specifically for underground work in narrow-vein deposits, according to ARMZ. Based off the design of the Aramine miniLoader L140B, it has a width of 1.1 m and a bucket carrying capacity of 1.3 t. A 50 kW engine and a lithium-ion battery pack provide high mobility and continuous operation for up to four hours; at the same time, offering low noise, minimal heat transfer and no gas contamination in the mine. The machine significantly outperforms the requirements of the Russian standards in industrial safety, according to ARMZ.

Ivan Kiselev, Director General of PIMCU, PJSC, said: “New LHD machines will let us efficiently and reliably carry out operations for the loading and transportation of ore inside the stopes. The transition to a new battery-powered narrow-vein equipment is an economically viable solution aimed at reducing operating costs and improving the quality of ore mining.”

Igor Semenov, Executive Director of ARMZ Mining Machinery, said the production of the ARGO LHD 140B means ARMZ Mining Machinery has become the first and only company in Russia and the CIS producing lithium-ion battery-powered mining equipment.

He explained: “We adapted the Aramine design and specifications to Russia standards, organised the technological process: in-house production of the structural frame, arms and dippers, assembly of body parts, installation of components, start-up and commissioning of machines. Our next step will be the localisation of the production of lithium-ion batteries and the expansion of the product line with other types of underground equipment.”

The first serial vehicles have already passed factory tests, according to ARMZ, and will be sent to the uranium mines of PIMCU, PJSC this month. In 2021, the ARGO LHD 140B will enter the Russia market and will then gradually become available in other countries within the customs union, it said.