Russian-Swedish Tourism Forum 2018

Thursday, September 20th , 9–12 a.m.


8.20-9.00 – Registration and coffee

9.00-10.30 – Presentations and discussion

10.30-10.50 – Coffee-break

10.50-12.00 – Presentations and concluding discussion

Information about the Forum
The number of foreign tourists to Russia has been growing in recent years since the Russian Federation prioritizes different types of cultural contacts with our neighbors.
In September Russia holds an international Russian Travel market OTDYKH which is a leading travel and tourism event. In line with this event, Russian Trade Representation is eager to give the participants of the Russian-Swedish tourism forum an opportunity to meet new partners and clients-travel agencies, tour operators and other tourism industry representatives from Russia and Sweden.
Among the participants of the Forum are Russian and Swedish tourism companies, leading Russian medical institutions and regional administrations’ representatives.
For further information contact the Russian Trade Representation.

Skolkovo Softlanding program

Skolkovo Softlanding program is an essential tool to facilitate your entry to the Russian market. The current demand for diversification and innovation of the economy creates great potential for market-entry and offers a favorable environment for launching a business.

New tourist-recreational cluster “Belaya Gora”

We invite potential investors to the new tourist-recreational cluster “Belaya Gora” in the Sverdlovsk oblast.

Prospective residents and potential investors are welcome for following types of business:

o accommodation

o health resort treatment and restcafes, restaurants, food courts o entertainment and leaisure o animal farms, zoos o agricultural products production o various locations with ethno- or/and agro- focus

o cultural facilities (museums, parks, etc.) o various services stations

We also provide SUPPORT for our investors:

o land without bidding

o tax preferences

o environmental and safety issues resolved

o engineering networks

o interaction and cooperation with authorities

For more information:



Russian New Ground-Effect Vehicle “Storm-600” with Build-in Solar Panels and Unique Intelligent Decision-Making System is Ready to Be Tested

First tests of the unique “Flying Boat” are going to be held in the waters of the Neva River in July-August 2019.

The first distinguishing feature of this new vehicle is an intelligent decision-making system, which was developed especially for this craft by specialists of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The vehicle is capable to move along a predetermined trajectory using GPS and independently decides on perform of manoeuvres, as well as to indicate obstacles and bypass them. The “Flying Boat’s” control system is equipped with an automatic mechanism that enables it to make decisions, taking into account international rules for preventing collisions of ships.

The second distinguishing feature is that the craft is capable to move at high speed (up to 200 km per hour) with almost unlimited drive range thanks to solar panels, which are installed both on the hull and wings of the “airplane”. They are operated together with the energy consumption planning system (CPS). Due to CPS vehicle is able to accumulate energy in day-time and spend it during the nights.

IKEA Industry business mission to Kirov region

Within the business mission to Kirov region organized by the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Sweden between July 1 and 4, 2019 IKEA Industry managers visited together with region administration IKEA Industry Vyatka plant, a producer of glued pine furniture, one of the largest foreign investors in the region.

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Kirov Region Administration and Management of the Swedish company had a curious conversation at the ”IKEA Industry Vyatka” LLC sites about the state and prospects for the development of IKEA production as well as business environment in the region.
Region Administration expressed readiness to contribute to the inflow of Swedish investments in production facilities of IKEA Industry Vyatka LLC, expansion of the assortment range and output increase.
Special attention was paid to the introduction in the region of the Swedish experience and woodworking technologies, industrial and corporate culture, achieved in the IKEA company.