PENOPLEX company is a large Russian manufacturer of construction, decorative and finishing materials on polymers basis. The company began its activity in 1998 starting with launching of the Russia’s first production line to manufacture heat-insulating materials made of extrusive expanded polystyrene under the PENOPLEX® trademark.
The structure of “PENOPLEX SPB” LLC includes divisions which are engaged in production and production sale in different directions:

PENOPLEX® - heat-insulating materials,
STYROVIT® - polystyrene for general-purpose,
PLINTEX® - decorative and finishing materials made of polystyrene,
PLASTFOIL® – waterproofing materials.

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Working Group for Cooperation in the Space field of the Russian-Swedish Steering Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation

On the 18th of April in Göteborg was hold a meeting in frames of the Working Group for Cooperation in the Space field of the Russian-Swedish Steering Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation. The meeting was chaired by Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Russian State Corporation "Roskosmos" N. Lokteva and CEO of the Swedish National Space Board O. Norberg.
The parties discussed issues of cooperation between the countries in the field of space, including deployment of ground-based measuring stations of the global navigation system GLONASS in Sweden, as well as the launch of Swedish scientific satellites using Russian Soyuz rocket carriers. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Sweden V. Frolov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Gothenburg V. Barabanov, representatives of the Russian company "Glavkosmos" and Swedish companies "RUAG Space" and "GKN Aerospace Engine Systems".
Next meeting will be hold in Russia in 2018.

Investment potential of Кemerovo region

Kemerovo Oblast is one of Russia's most important industrial regions, with some of the world's largest deposits of coal. The south of the region is dominated by metallurgy and the mining industry, as well as mechanical engineering and chemical production. The northern area of the region is more agricultural. The region has a dense railway network, including the Trans-Siberian Railway, which passes through the oblast. Prokopevsk, Kiselevsk, and Andzhero-Sudzhensk are coal-producing centers, and Novokuznetsk is the center of the engineering industry.

Investment passport of Кemerovo region

Passport of Kemerovo region

Reception on the Occasion of 90-th Anniversary

Trade representation of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Sweden April 12, 2017 held a reception on the occasion of 90-th anniversary. The number of participants was more than 120 guests.

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