4th International Arctic Forum “Arctic: Territory of Dialogue” (Archangelsk, March 29−30, 2017)

The ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum has taken place in Russia since 2010. In accordance with a Russian Government resolution, it has been decided that from 2017 the event will be held regularly, on a biennial basis. The Forum is a key platform for discussing current issues relating to the socio-economic development of Arctic regions and for developing multi-level, multilateral mechanisms for joint discovery and effective exploitation of the Arctic’s rich natural resource potential. Among the Forum’s major participants are official representatives of Arctic and non-Arctic states and international organizations, members of the business, academic, and expert communities within Russia and other nations, and high-profile public figures involved in Arctic-related issues. The international agenda for the Arctic includes such matters as the formulation of a unified regional development policy, implementation of joint economic projects, responsible environmental management in accordance with global environmental norms and standards, and organization of scientific research.

Programme Architecture

Key messages of the Arctic Territory of Dialogue


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