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Remote surveillance system “Lesnoy Dozor” designed to protect forest from fire

            lesnoy dozor

Company DiSiCon develops and implements remote surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor" designed to observe large forest areas. The system is also good at plotting fires’ coordinates. For this purpose any towers, modern equipment and own software are used. All this helps Lesnoy Dozor to perform prevention and detection of forest fires efficiently.

System "Lesnoy Dozor" (transl. — "Forest Watch") is an automated forest fire early warning system.It Includes the following elements:
- A distributed system of high technology sensors (cameras, infrared sensors, etc.);
- Communication channels which connect the sensors to the Internet;
- The server of the system "Lesnoy Dozor" which is connected to the Internet;
- The server software of the systems "Lesnoy Dozor";
- Operator’s workstation equipment;
- Software of "Lesnoy Dozor" workstation.

Forest areas observation, forest fires coordinates detection and determination are put into effect by means of distributed sensor system located at the customer’s place. The information from these sensors is transmitted directly to the server of the system "Lesnoy Dozor" and then to operator's station.


National Information System Group NPO NIS


"National Information Systems" is a group of companies taking leading positions in development and production of:

  • secured communications and wireless alerting systems for government and private companies;
  • wireless emergency alerting and warning systems based on satellite and terrestrial digital TV standards and VSAT technologies;
  • various purpose monitoring systems;
  • security systems for urban territories.

Presentation of NPO NIS

+7 (812) 309 97 53
+7 (495) 669 68 28

Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone


The Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone is a large-scale project within an even broader, country-wide government initiative to encourage growth in the priority sectors of the national economy and make it a top investment destination globally. Lipetsk SEZ is, in fact, a well-targeted investment support system offering an unparalleled business environment that brings project costs down by 30%.

Presentation of SEZ Lipetsk

Administrative and Business Center, Lipetsk Special Economic Zone Gryazi District, Lipetsk Region 399071
Phone: +7 (4742) 51-51-80
Fax: +7 (4742) 51-53-39
@: info@sez.lipetsk.ru

Business mission of the companies from the Republic of Mari El (Russia)

On May 24-25th 2016 delegation of business society of the Republic of Mari El (Russian region) visited Stockholm. Business mission was organized and held by Russian Trade Representation in Sweden in close cooperation with the Autonomous noncommercial organization “Agency of investment development of the Republic of Mari El” (www.investinmariel.ru).
Main objectives of the business mission were to implement business contacts, promote Russian products in Sweden, conduct business negotiations and attract Swedish technologies and investments to the projects realized in the Region.
Russian Trade Representation in Sweden together with representatives of Russian companies took part in World Bioenergy (www.elmia.se/en/worldbioenergy/). The exhibition is the largest event in Scandinavia for the forest industries focusing on the pulp, paper, bioenergy, new biobased innovations and products.


Visiting the exhibition has become an effective platform to study the market of bioenergy materials and new technologies in the sphere of resource and energy savings. On the exhibition field a number of productive B2B talks took place and preliminary agreements for future cooperation were reached, in particular on peat extraction and processing.
Roundtable discussions were organized in the premises of Russian Trade Representation in Sweden during which the investment potential of the Republic of Mari El was presented and business talks were held on the subject of waste sorting and recycling.
As one of the results of the business mission Agency of investment development of the Republic of Mari El and Russian Trade Representation in Sweden signed a memorandum, stipulated for the continuation of the cooperative work for the development of Russian-Swedish business contacts.