Events & Exhibitions 2017 in Russia

Russian Events and Exhibitions 2017

Date: from 29-MARCH-17 to 31-MARCH-17
City: Vladivostok
The 18th International Specialized Expo

III International Agrarian Forum on Vegetable Crops
Date: from 4-APRIL-17 to 5-APRIL-17
City: Krasnogorsk
Effective business platform for discussing key trends and finding innovative solutions in vegetable open-field and protected land

«ITFORUM 2020/ the Digital world»
Date: from 12-APRIL-17 to 14-APRIL-17
City: Nizhniy Novgorod
X Anniversary International Forum of information technologies 

Date: from 26-APRIL-17 to 27-APRIL-17
City: Vladivostok
The 24th International Construction Expo
Small Enterprise. Business Partnership
Date: from 31-MAY-17 to 02-JUNE-17
City: Vladivostok
The 14th Specialised Expo and Forum

«Bread means peace»
Date: from 8-JUNE-17 to 9-JUNE-17
City: Moscow
The 2nd World Bread Forum

Date: from 20-JUNE-17 to 22-JUNE-17
City: Novosibirsk
The Fifth International Forum of Technological Development

I Russian Fishers Forum & Seafood Expo Global
Date: from 14-SEPTEMBER-17 to 16-SEPTEMBER-17
City: Saint Petersburg
For the first time Russia will act as the host party for specialists in global fishery and contiguous economic industries of various countries

Date: from 20-SEPTEMBER-17 to 22-SEPTEMBER-17
City: Vladivostok
The 25th International Specialised Expo
Date: from 18-OCTOBER-17 to 20-OCTOBER-17
City: Vladivostok
The 3rd International Expo for Modern Health and Beauty Technologies
Date: from 18-OCTOBER-17 to 20-OCTOBER-17
City: Vladivostok
International Expo and Forum

Date: from 16-NOVEMBER-17 to 18-NOVEMBER-17
City: Vladivostok
The 3rd International Specialized Expo for technologies, equipment and machines

Date: from 3-OCTOBER-17 to 7-OCTOBER-17
City: Moscow – St.Petersburg
Russia’s biggest international energy efficiency and energy industry development forum (ENES)
Date: from 6–SEPTEMBER-17 to 7-SEPTEMBER-17
City: Vladivostok
The Eastern Economic Forum was established to support the economic development of Russia’s Far East and to expand international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region 
Date: from 19–OCTOBER-17 to 20-OCTOBER-17
City: Verona
Eurasian Forum in Verona
Date: from 15-FEBRUARY-18 to 16-FEBRUARY-18
City: Sochi
The Russian Investment Forum in Sochi is a traditional platform for presenting Russia’s investment and economic potential
Date: from 25–OCTOBER-17 to 27-OCTOBER-17
City: Vladivostok
The 2nd International Specialized Expo for technologies, equipment and machines
Date: from 27–OCTOBER-17 to 28-OCTOBER-17
City: Moscow
MPIRES 2017 – project, created by VPIexpo. The main goal of the exhibition is to organize a platform in which the largest developers, real estate agencies and brokers will be able to acquaint visitors with their proposals and projects.
Date: from 14–SEPTEMBER-17 to 15-SEPTEMBER-17
City: Irkutsk