The International Export Forum “Made in Russia”

The International Export Forum “Made in Russia” is the main event of the year for the entire business community, for exporters as well as for those who plan to scale their businesses by entering the export market and are looking for new partners for critical imports.

The Forum is the main platform for discussing issues related to the implementation of the National Project “International Cooperation and Export” and a meeting place for exporters, producers, experts, regulators, and development institutions.

In view of the changing geopolitical environment, the sanctions pressure on Russia and Russian exporters, Russian economic entities that are integrated into the global system and oriented towards foreign markets are faced with the need to respond to the changing environment as quickly and effectively as possible, as well as invent new solutions.

In 8 years of sanctions, more than 1.5 thousand projects have been implemented in Russia to create equivalents of products that were previously imported from abroad. Today, these products have significant competitive advantages on foreign markets.

In 2022, it is more important than ever to work in a coordinated and efficient way to ensure that the Forum is held at the highest standard, on a scale even larger than in previous years, to reinforce Russia’s status as a promising and reliable partner on the global stage and to position Russian exporters as strong players in the global economy.

The registration to attend the International Export Forum “Made in Russia” is now open! To take part, please, follow the link: https://forum.exportcenter.ru/?lang=en.