The Republic of Komi is located in the north-east of the European part of the Russian Federation, within the Pechora and Mezen-Vychegod lowlands, the Middle and Southern Timan, and the western slopes of the Ural Mountains (Northern, Circumpolar, and Polar Urals)

The economy of the region is associated with the extraction and primary processing of minerals — oil, gas, coal, bauxite, gems, etc., wood processing and papermaking enterprises.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:
– fuel and energy complex;
– timber industry complex;
– investments.

Factors of investment attractiveness of the region:
– political, social and economic stability;
– the existence of a regulatory framework that supports investment activities;
– a unique combination of mineral resources in terms of reserves, conditions of occurrence, diversity and quality;
– highly qualified personnel, including our own training base for highly qualified personnel for the forestry and oil and gas industries;
– provision of the budget system with its own financial resources, balance of the budget.

About the Republic of Komi

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