Region: Moskva och Moskva oblast

The main task of Dubna special economic zone is to facilitate the development of the economy of Greater Moscow Area and of the Russian Federation by the way of creation of the favourable conditions for investors.
Nowadays, Dubna SEZ is the one of the actively developing innovative sites in the region, while representing the completely prepared engineering, transport and customs infrastructure to the resident companies, together with the tax and customs concessions and preferences.
At present, approximately 144 hi-tech companies have received the SEZ resident status. Most of them turn out products that do not have any domestic and foreign analogs.
The Developments are currently in active progress in the directions, which are of higher-priority for the country's economy: informational, biological and medical, microsystems and nuclear and physical technologies, composites, designing of the complicated engineering systems, etc.

Adress: Moscow region, Dubna c., Programmistov str., bldg. 4

Telefon: +7 496 219-04-67



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