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Region: Tver oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av stoppventiler

Produkter: shut-offandcontrolvalvesof brass

"Bologovsky Valve Plant" is proud of its production, proud of its workforce, which ensures the release of high-quality, competitive products.
It only at first glance seems that the production of fittings is a trivial process, the organization of which will not be difficult for any enterprise. In reality, this is a process, the organization of which and the maintenance of a healthy state, the release of quality products, which require the coordinated work of a large number of specialists.
Engineers, steelmakers, mechanics, transfer line operators, and product quality control specialists participate in the production. Not to mention the workers who do not participate in the main production process, but ensure its functioning: electricians, installers, drivers, workers of the electrical substation and compressor station, specialists servicing wells, pumping equipment, treatment facilities and other elements of the factory infrastructure.
Today, much is said about import substitution, but we know examples where import substitution consists in sticking the “Made in Russia” nameplate on products manufactured in China or other countries.
"Bologovsky rebar plant" is a full-cycle production, whose products compete in the market not only with analogues from China, but with the products of leading companies from Germany and Italy.
The products of the Bologovsky rebar plant are made in Russia. And this is not a figure of speech, it is a reality. Look at the main production sites, as a result of which products appear under the BAZ brand.

Adress: Tver Oblast, Bologoe, Gorodskaya st., 88

Telefon: +7 (48238)-221-13



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