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Region: Sankt Petersburg och Leningrad oblast

Branscher: Robotics, 3D printing, engineering, information technology

Produkter: Robotik

Despite the rapid growth of robotics, there are currently no proven methods for educating future professional innovators in this field. At the same time, the obstacles to the education of future innovators are widely known. For example, these factors include low-quality education and black box thinking, which does not allow us to study the structure of the system. Such thinking does not allow children to fully understand the technology. In the market of educational robotics, solutions made on the basis of closed software and hardware prevail. A variety of types of software and devices used in education can be useful, but if only devices with closed software are used, the student will be able to create and invent only on the basis of these closed devices, without the ability to make changes to the devices themselves. The result of such an education is the user, but not the innovator. Based on this, a high-quality education can only be guaranteed if open source software and hardware are used. Open source software can be studied, modified, recompiled; open hardware can be disassembled in order to study the principle of its operation, in addition, it can be assembled independently.
In accordance with our approach, the student must be able to acquire the necessary components and create a device from scratch. The creation process includes the design of the printed circuit board, 3D printing of a stylish and functional case, as well as programming the device. A student who is able to go through all these stages of the process can become a true innovator.

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