Company profile

JSC ”Septima“

Region: Tula oblast

Branscher: Desinfektionsmedel för snabbt desinfektion av händer, luft och ytor från virus, bakterier och svampar

Produkter: hinder för banhoppning

Mass production of an innovative disinfectant SEPTIMA to combat bacterial and viral infections started in Russia.
The new tool eliminates up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi, active both on surfaces and in the air.
Producer – the Arnest Group – offering SEPTIMA disinfectors for the disinfection of hands, objects and various surfaces both in 250 millilitres aerosol containers and in aluminum tubes of 25 grams and in bottles of 50 and 250 millilitres.

Adress: Tula oblast

Telefon: +7 800 201 3000



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