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Kaliningrad Railway

Region: Kaliningrad oblast

Branscher: Logistiktjänster

Produkter: logistik


Your window to Far East Market. The Russian Kaliningrad Region Railway offering wide range of servises to deliver your goods by rail through Russia both to and from China as well as other Far East markets.

The Kaliningrad region is located in the center of Europe and has two land rail border crossing points with Lithuania along the 1,520 mm gauge (Kybartai/Chernyshevskoye and Pagegiai/Sovetsk), and two land rail border crossing points with Poland along the 1,435 mm and 1,520 mm gauges (Mamonovo/Braniewo and Zheleznodorozhnyy/Skandawa). The ice-free Port of Kaliningrad has the necessary infrastructure to serve international sea freight routes. The transit freight flows in the East–West connection follow along the transport corridors via Belarus/Lithuania, Latvia/Lithuania and the Baltiysk – Ust-Luga railway ferry line.

Adress: 236039, Kaliningrad, Kievskaya str., 1

Telefon: ☎ +7 (4012) 56-66-48



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