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Region: Samara oblast

Branscher: Köksutrustningen

Produkter: Diskhoar / Kitchen Sink

All sinks (and their combinations) are functionally verified and are designed for different kitchens and different needs of the owners.
As a result, it was possible to develop a unique shape of the kitchen sink, where the main highlight is the pentagonal bowl.
In developing the design of sinks, key attention
was paid to the "pains" of consumers. We explored user experience to identify the most important characteristics of a product, based on the Design Thinking concept. Sink constructions not only reflect today's interior trends: the collection design is more than practical.

Adress: Samara Region, Stavropol District, Village Podstepki, Territory SEZ PPT Highway N 2, 3, b.4

Telefon: ☎ +7 (917) 103 54 01



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