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Region: Republiken Mordvinien

Branscher: Nanomaterials

Produkter: metal oxides, complex oxides, powders of pure metals, and mixtures

LLC RSS Saransk is a fast-growing innovation company, with specialization in realization of effective solutions and new handlings in the field of nanopowders production. We constantly experiment with research and development to increase assortment and quality of our products. Our company produce nanopowders of metals and some compounds (oxides and nitrides of metals). We both produce and supply our products.

Also LLC “RSS Saransk” develop and produce laboratory, research and technological high quality equipment for synthesis of nanopowders, bespoke, using modern project methods, considering technic, technological, operational, esthetic and other possible requirements and wishes. All products and constructions pass through preliminary computer modelling, checked against nowadays normative documents and standards, technical documentation set development, specification of technological processes of production.

Nanopowders and installations production is got on our own manufacturing base, that is why it is possible to synthesize nanopowders and create constructions by individual orders.

Adress: 430005 Russia, Saransk, B. Hmelnitskogo street, 14

Telefon: ☎ +7 (985)-184-67-62 ☎ +7 (927)-170-17-75 ☎ +7 (906)-379-90-18



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