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Region: Jaroslavl oblast

Branscher: Vibrationsutrustning och tillbehöver

Produkter: Vibrationsutrustning

We produce vibrators for over 70 years since 1936, covering 70% of internal Russian demand for such equipment. Based on the vast experience gained by our professionals, a wide range of vibrators for various purposes was designed, as well as different kinds of vibration equipment, which technical level corresponds to the best world producers of such equipment.
Development of both new product versions and fundamentally new products always comes in close cooperation with our customers, directly exploiting our technology, as our primary aim is to establish long-term partnership with our loyal clients.

Adress: 150003, Russia, Yaroslavl, Respublikanskaya St. 3

Telefon: +7 (4852) 49-05-50



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