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Argentera Medicals

Region: Tula oblast

Branscher: Produktion av personlig skyddsutrustning

Produkter: Personlig skyddsutrustning

“Argentera Medical” is a mask and respirator with the highest protection level against viruses and bacteria with clustered silver layer. Products apply with European standards quality compliance certification for medical devices: EN ISO 15223-1, EN ISO 10993-1, EN 14683, EN ISO 14971.

Argentera Medicals silver filter layer unique properties:
Destroys harmful bacteria or viruses protective shell;
Self-cleaning mask and respirator filter layer surface;
Extends the product life up to 14 days;
Long-term protection is more than the mask or respirator physical life;
Biologically active silver does not evaporate in the meltblown layer and absolutely safe.

Adress: Moscow, Udaltsova 32/1, Russia

Telefon: +7 (495) 225-95-80



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