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Region: Moskva och Moskva oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av jordbruksmaskiner

Produkter: Droppbevattning, förpackning för grönsaker och fodergrödor

The biggest producer of drip tube and the biggest supplier of Mesh Bags In Russia.

The emitter drip tape is the main element of the drip irrigation system. Allows you to organize a standardized and accurate watering of plants. It is made of high quality material - primary polyethylene, which guarantees strength and resistance to UV radiation. It is equipped with built-in flat self-cleaning emitters that prevent the accumulation of pollutant particles inside the labyrinth, even at low operating pressures.

Adress: Business Park Rumyantsevo 4, building 5, block E, office 607e, Moscow, 108811

Telefon: +7 (800) 555-86-88



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