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Volts Battery Ltd.

Region: Sankt Petersburg och Leningrad oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av elkraft- och automationsteknik

Produkter: Energy storage systems

Volts Battery Ltd. is an innovative company that develops
and manufactures smart energy storage devices VOLTS for
a detached houses. The company's offices are located in
Finland, the UAE, and also in Russia.
The project makes paradigm shift for the power supply
system. Home storages will do for the hoouses what
batteries in laptops for personal computers did few
decades ago - it will give autonomy, independence and
security. The project is based on unique energy efficiency
management algorithms created by the VOLTS team that
distinguish our product from traditional backup power
Connecting solar panels to VOLTS makes it possible to
create your own fully autonomous and energy-efficient
power supply for the whole house.

Adress: Serpukhovskaya st., 37, letter B St. Petersburg 190013, Russian Federation

Telefon: +971 52 285 9523



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