Company profile

The Moscow Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Company Ochakovo

Region: Moskva och Moskva oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av drycker

Produkter: Kvass

We make natural drinks: kvass, beer, low-alcohol cocktails, juices, wine, soft drinks, mineral water and strong alcohol

# 1
No. 1 in the kvass market in Russia
And the only major producer of a drink using traditional double fermentation technology.

one hundred%
Completely Russian company - we work for the good of the country.
For 40 years we have been producing high-quality natural drinks that are recognized by millions of people. We are reviving national drinking traditions and are proud that Ochakovo is the only one hundred percent Russian company in the industry.

Capacity - 285 million decaliters per year.
We produce 10 types of products under more than 30 brands.

10 enterprises
Among them are beer and non-alcoholic factories, a malt house, a winery, agricultural enterprises, a space industry plant, a sanatorium.

19,000 hectares of farmland
We grow grapes and grain for malt ourselves. Raw material independence helps us to guarantee high quality drinks.

We supply drinks to 30+ countries
USA, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Spain, Vietnam, Japan and others.

Adress: 121471, Moscow, Ryabinovaya street, 44

Telefon: +7 800 100-77-77



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