Company profile

JSC Sorbent

Region: Perm kraj

Branscher: Aktiv kolproduktion

Produkter: Produktion av aktivt kol, personlig skyddsutrustning, vattenreningssystem

JSC Sorbent was founded in 1939. It specializes in manufacturing of the high-quality products and technologies guaranteeing environmental protection and protection from harmful effects.

Since 2018, JSC Sorbent has become a part of new brand Zelinsky Group. Philosophy of the brand emphasizes its relationship with the case of the great scientist, Russian chemist Nikolay Zelinsky.

We always offer quality products and services for optimizing production processes and purifying the environment. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, believe that quality is a form of success and promise of delivering the best available products.

Adress: Russia, 614113, Perm, Galperina str., 6

Telefon: +7 (342) 258 61 74



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