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BioLesProm, LLC

Region: Vologda oblast

Branscher: Pellets och briketter

Produkter: Pellets och briketter

BioLesProm, LLC was founded in 2008 in northwest Russia, the Vologda Region.

Our region stands at the head of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in timber resources.
The total forest area of the Vologda Region is 72% of the Region’s territory (11.7 million hectares).
The volume of timber is over 1.7 billion m³.
The permissible volume of timber in the Vologda Region is 28.9 million m³, 11.9 million m³ of which is soft wood.
The actual use of the yield from felling is 14.55 million m³, which is 50.3% of the total permissible volume.

Adress: 24, Parkovaya St., Verkhovazhye Village, 162300, Vologda Region

Telefon: +7-921-716-39-74



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