Company profile

JSC Dubrava

Region: Novosibirsk oblast

Branscher: Diverse livsmedelvaror

Produkter: Pinjenötter

The production cycle is under the careful guidance of experienced technologists-raw material
preparation, processing, packaging. The customer receives a ready-to-use product made according
to European standards. Sealed containers preserve the taste and aroma of nature's gifts for a long
time. Only the highest quality core gets into the final package thanks to the electronic sorter brand
“SORTEX " from the company Bühler (England).Technical lines are equipped with equipment from
leading European companies "Brovind" S. A. (Italy)," Jose Borel "S. A. (Italy)," Hornos Electricos Lago
" S. A. (Spain).The main part of the warehouses are equipped with a modern climate system. This
allows you to maintain the necessary conditions for high-quality storage of products. Warehouses
for raw materials, with adjustable temperature parameters, can accommodate a stock of pine nuts
in the shell for 6 months of uninterrupted operation. The warehouse of finished products and
production are located in Novosibirsk.