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Region: Tambov oblast

Branscher: Produktion av kemisk skyddsutrustning

Produkter: Medical Products; Non-woven medical and disposable protective suits, Insulating protective suits, Sets of clothes for an infectious disease doctor, High medical shoe covers with upper elastic band and reinforced sole, Low medical shoe covers with fro

Roshimzaschita is one of the leaders of industrial and
defense systems of Russia in the sphere of protection
and life support of a person in extreme conditions.
The Corporation carries out its activities in the field
of creation and production of high-tech products
designed to protect against damaging radioactive,
chemical, biological and other hazardous factors in
peacetime and wartime.
Roshimzaschita traces its history back to 1958. Today
it is a platform for innovative development of 12
Russian enterprises that combines the efforts of the
scientific complex of the country in the development
and production of unique protective equipment for
the Russian and foreign markets.
Tasks aimed at preserving human life and health are
solved daily by employees of the Corporation in
scientific laboratories and test centers, in design and
technology bureaus and in production shops of
enterprises. We cooperate with universities and the
largest scientific organizations in Russia and abroad.
Science and technology for life safety - is our guiding

Adress: Russia, Moscow, Selskohoziaystvennaya st., 12A

Telefon: +7 906 797 52 56



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