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Region: Novgorod oblast

Branscher: Composite fiberglass and basalt-plastic rebar

Produkter: Armatur, nät, profiler, etc.

ARMGLASS is a leader in the production of composite materials in the Russian market. The company began operations in 2010. Now the composite materials factory is equipped with 14 production lines. The company employs more than 100 experienced employees. The company's products are purchased by more than 1000 customers in Russia and other countries. Cooperation agreements were signed with such large companies as Lukoil, Transneft, Russian Railways.

ARMGLASS produces a wide range of composite products:

fiberglass polymer reinforcement with a diameter of 4–40 mm;
masonry mesh of various sizes;
bent parts made of polymer reinforcement;
flexible connections with a diameter of 4 and 6 mm, length 250-600 mm;
The production of composite materials in accordance with GOST requirements imposes obligations on the manufacturer to introduce more accurate, modern and technological methods of work. ARMGLASS plant values ​​the reputation and quality of its products, so the company passed all the tests in accordance with GOST 31938-2012. Products are subject to strict quality control at every stage of production. All products have certificates of conformity.

Adress: Novgorod, Komsomolskaya st., 8

Telefon: +7 4812 200-728



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