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Region: Tjeljabinsk oblast

Branscher: Diverse livsmedelvaror

Produkter: Spannmål flingor, Gröt, Pasta, Smör, Mjöl, Spannmålsdrycker, Snacks and Chips, Bröd och bageri, flingor, knäckbröd

SoyuzPishcheprom is a group of companies producing wholesome and tasty food products for the entire family.
Trademarks Tsar, SoyuzPishcheprom, and Zdorovoye Menu are well known not only throughout Russia. The products have been exported to the CIS states and further abroad countries: the USA, Germany, UAE, PRC, Israel, Turkey, etc. SoyuzPishcheprom is a powerful process packaging operation with state-of-the-art equipment from the leading global producers: Buhler AG, Fava, Mill servis, Hartmann, Linko, Zucami, Big Datchmen, Muyang, etc. uzPishcheprom has been successfully cooperating with the biggest federal and regional chains: SPAR, Dixy, Auchan, Magnit, Мetro, Monetka, Lenta, and Pyaterochka.

Numerous green passports, a medal from the International Ecological Fund, and other awards from exlusive Russian and international food exhibitions, such as Mellow Autumn, ProdExpo, WorldFood Moscow demonstrate the quality of our products!
2. OOO SoyuzPishcheprom Association (flour, bakery products, pasta, cereals, multi-grain cereal flakes, porridges, ready-to-eat side dishes, breakfast cereals, formula feeds, puff pastry, and vegetable beverages)
OOO Chebarkulskaya Ptitsa (eggs, egg melange, broiler chicken meat, cooked and smoked products made of broiler chicken meat, crops, formula feeds, seeds).
I am sincerely proud of the fact that the SoyuzPishcheprom enterprises enjoy a great reputation for producing high-quality and environmentally clean products. Food should not be just a fashion. It should be safe and should improve quality of life rather than ruin it. It is critical that today's food producers should feel honest and genuine desire to transform a healthy lifestyle into a system of values. Apart from commercializing a high-quality product, we set ourselves a task to foster the culture of consumption, to drastically expand demand by increasing the segment of people who care for their health through nutrition. Food here is more than eating but part of a common culture and vision. We provide all residents of our huge country with an opportunity to live a longer and better life of higher quality," Aleksandr Berestov, the President of SoyuzPishcheprom Association

Adress: Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Melkombinat–2, Uchastok-1, 37.

Telefon: +7 (351) 280-48-01; +7 (351) 280-48-96



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