Swedish - Russian Business Club

October, 14th, 2021

  • Trade between Russia and Sweden after the pandemic, what has changed?
  • Emerging trends in global markets
  • Digital economy. How will new technologies make life easier for entrepreneurs?
  • Product of the future, how to make money?
  • What do we know about the market of the neighbor country?
  • Export or import. What is more profitable?
  • How to find a partner in Russia and Sweden?
  • Where to begin?

These and many other issues will be discussed during the first meeting of the Russia-Sweden Business Club, which will take place on October, 14th at the premises of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Sweden.


The meeting will be attended by representatives of the business community of Russia and Sweden:

•        Russian companies with experience of successful deliveries to the demanding Swedish market,

•        Newcomer companies from various Russian regions interested in the selection of buyers and distributors in Sweden,

•        Swedish companies with perfect experience of doing business in the Russian market,

•        And, of course, Swedish and Russian entrepreneurs and businessmen considering opportunities to do profitable business in trade between the two countries.

Their dialogue will be assisted by the Trade Representation of Russia in Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Cooperation with Russia and the CIS countries, coaches and freelancers.

Within the meeting you will have possibility to get acquainted to several Russian regions and companies as well as see samples of Leisure Boats and ATV produced in Russia.

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To attend please register business.club@rysslandshandel.se

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