A new reality for the global economy – from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Themes for discussion:

• The future of the oil industry: a new strategic outlook on supply, demand, and market balance, and the pursuit of a new socioeconomic development model.

• The structural economic crisis and the pandemic: seeking a new geopolitical and socioeconomic order (Europe, Eurasia, the US, China). • Prospects for the gas industry, particularly LNG, in the new economic reality.

• The key role of genetics and genome research in the new socioeconomic reality: the contribution made by gene technology to medicine, the environment, agriculture, industry and energy.

• Europe-Eurasia links: logistics, transport, communications, digitalization and the need for political dialogue.

• Overcoming social inequality and poverty as today’s society evolves.

• How can banks, fintech and financial regulators respond to young people calling for more socioeconomic responsibility?

• Different global recovery models and strategies for rebooting economic growth and prosperous international trade.

• The current socioeconomic crisis: is it time to re-energize the dialogue between Europe and Russia?

Forum participants: leading figures in politics, government, and society; ministers of the Eurasian Economic Commission; heads of major corporations and banks; business representatives; diplomats; experts; and journalists

Organizers: Conoscere Eurasia Association, the Roscongress Foundation

The Forum is held under the patronage of the Verona city administration