"LLC Mechanica". Thermal covers for foodstuff transportation

Mechanicz company is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of soft isothermical packing as well as thermal covers. This direction has already been developing for more than 7 years. Manufacturing opportunities are constantly growing, and at the moment the company is working over more than 300 thousand square meters of textiles into the ready sewn products per month. Our engineering and designing staff will provide with the decision of any task requested.

Thermal cover is a soft isothermical packing, and is represented as an article of industrial-use, manufactured by piercing technique of several layers of material. Thermal cover is designed for providing packed foodstuff with necessary temperature conditions, which allows to protect the cargo from damage and losses caused by environmental effect. By means of opportunity to keep a fixed temperature within itself during the set time, thermal cover can be used both for simultaneous transportation of food products with different temperature requirements, and for transportations either in a vehicle with a refrigerator or without it. Moreover, it will keep the products preserved from the temperature vibrations when the truck is repeatedly been closed and opened. It allows to reduce the expenses for transportation and to increase the quality of the transported goods reservation.

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