The biggest Russian company in the field of beer and alcohol-free brewing "OCHAKOVO" will take part in the VII Russian-Swedish Economic Forum

Delegation of Russian company in the field of beer and alcohol-free brewing “OCHAKOVO” will take part in the VII Russian-Swedish Economic Forum, which is hold annually by Russian Trade Representation in Sweden.
Company Ochakovo is one of the most modern plants, not only in Russia but also in Europe. Moscow Beer-Alcohol-free plant Ochakovo, as well as all regional factories are equipped with the latest equipment from leading European companies: “SIG Simonazzi” (Italy), “Sidel” (France) “Buhler” (Switzerland-Germany), “Steinecker”(Germany), “Holvrieka” (Belgium), “Filtrox” (Switzerland).
The company confidently holds the highest level of quality in production and constantly expands the range of products. The Moscow plant is rated at annual production of 750 million liters of beer, 200 million liters of alcohol cocktails, 154 million liters of soft drinks and 150 million liters of natural kvass, 17 million liters of spirits and wines.
There is a wide choice of products in Ochakovo range, such as: beer, kvass, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, drinking and mineral water, wine, vodka, balms and liqueurs.
Without exception, all kvasses are manufactured due to double fermentation Technology: yeast and lactic acid. Only this kind of kvass is useful for health and corresponds to known in Russia for centuries cooking traditions.

In Moscow beer alcohol-free plant Ochakovo all beers are produced by classical technology. The addings of high-density brewing and more than 20% unmalted materials are not acceptable.
In beer market Ochakovo Company is represented by such brands as “Ochakovo”, “Barley spike», «Kaltenberg» and others. Among kvasses “Ochakovskyi “,” Ochakovskyi okroshechny with horseradish “,” Kvasenok” are presented. Kvass of new generation “Semeinyi secret” is a new unique trend. Also “Jin-Tonic” is well-known in the market of low-alcohol cocktails.
Products Ochakovo are recognized both in Russia and abroad: “Ochakovo” drinks are available in 60 regions of Russia and more than 30 foreign countries such as USA, Japan, Germany and others.
Competitive advantages of Ochakovskyi drinks:

  • Naturalness. Ochakovo produces beverages exclusively with natural raw materials, which origin is known for thoroughly
  • Innovation. All non-alcoholic beer-factories are equipped by the best world producers’ machinery, and all drinks are created by the highest Soviet school professional technologists and modern European level experts.
  • Tradition. Ochakovo is always in search of traditional recipes. Unique design created by Brewers and technologists can deliver a real taste and all useful qualities of beverages to the general consumer.
  • Technology. Ochakovo considers it important to produce beer and kvass in accordance with classic technology. Learn the history of “Ochakovo” company.

If you want to register in negotiations with “OCHAKOVO” company on the Forum, please contact as via email forum@rysslandshandel.se