Våra nyheter

Dagens heta ämnet – skyddsutrustningen och sjukvårdsmaterial.

Ryska tillverkare producerar nu allting som behövs för att bekämpa 2019-nCoV.

Det går också att ordna omedelbara leveranser till Sverige om behovet finns. Här samlade vi alla förslag tillgänliga.

Vänligen kontakta Ryska Handelsrepresentationen i Sverige att få mer detaljer.

JSC ”Septima“
Altayvitaminy JSC
Commercial Proposal on Supply of Hygienic Protective Masks by Berkana LTD

Som Ordförandena för den Rysk-svenska styrkommittén för handels och ekonomiskt samarbete, diskuterade ministrar staten och utsikterna för bilaterala handelsförbindelser och enades om att intensifiera den dialogen inom handelsområdet. Parterna beslöt hålla nästa sammanträde i Styrkommittén i maj 2021.
Under kommande månader ska man revidera verksamheten i Styrkommitténs arbetsorgan och vid behov uppdatera dess struktur.

Taking a cue from China, South Korea, and other countries, during the pandemic’s early stages it became evident that testing and early identification of infected people constituted a key mechanism to help keep the virus in check, and to mitigate the consequences of the new coronavirus infection. However, a potential shortage of equipped PCR laboratories in the country was also evident, since the pandemic’s projected scale and the necessary scope of testing was many times greater than the demand for those laboratories’ services in the absence of such a wide-scale pandemic (in “times of peace”, if you will).
Russian company LLC EMG created a fundamentally new type of laboratory – one that is completely mobile. A new device called LifeCase enabled professionals to conduct full-fledged PCR diagnostics outside the bounds of a PCR laboratory.
Mobile laboratories produced on a large scale by two companies, Joint-Stock Production Association Serov Plant (AO POZiS) and LLC Eidos-Medicine.
As at the beginning of May, 2020 more than two million diagnostic testing kits have already been produced, and more than one million people have been successfully tested. Mass production of LifeCase was launched, with the expectation of more than 1,000 units per month.

Invitation to Webinar
“How to open an online and oline school of robotics – a stable business for all times”

Company “ROBBO” expresses the deepest respect to you personally and to your organization and has
the honor to invite you to an online business webinar about opening a successful and stable business
in educational area – online and oine school of robotics and coding.
At the webinar you will learn:
• Why the educational business will always be successful?
• How to hire, train and keep a qualified teacher,
• How to ensure a constant customer flow,
• How to conduct online and offline business and not be afraid of external restrictions,
• Why is it best to enter the educational business market through a successful franchise?
Date and time (choose a convenient time):
• May 28, 1 PM GMT+3, duration 75 min
• May 28, 7 PM GMT+3, duration 75 min
Webinar speakers:
• Pavel Frolov, Producer at ROBBO
• Maria Shipkova, Regional Manager at ROBBO
• Maria Hakkarainen, Head of ROBBO Finland
• Keisuke Kubota, Head of ROBBO Club
Fukuoka, Japan
Duration – 75 minutes
Register here to join the webinar https://forms.gle/9VuxijpNAZxQCwAUA
We have developed a methodic solving the main problem of modern education – the lack of consistent
technical education for children. This methodic helps 50,000+ children in 18 countries to study in
ROBBO Clubs and learn Robotics, Programming, 3D-Printing and other Engineering disciplines.
ROBBO products and solutions will prepare children for a promising highly paid creative profession in
the world of the future, where all the monotonous work is done by robots. Innovative set of equipment
and electronic educational complex allow children to be truly creators, educators use a modern technology
and everything together develop.
As market player, ROBBO is recognized internationally and has registered offices in Russia, Finland and
Japan and two certified production facilities of robotic education kits in Finland and Russia.