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«PGM-URBAN HARDLANDSCAPES» is a manufacturer and supplier of full-composite structures
used on the job-cites during construction and reconstruction of roads and railways, as well as in civil and
industrial construction.
The company was founded in August 2008 and has decades of experience in implementing of the
prestigious projects in the United Kingdom (by «HARDSCAPE» company with head office in Bolton) and
Spain (by «PGM ESPACIOS URBANOS» company with head office in Granada).
The company has got more than 15 patents for production, one of them is for the invention. These
products has valid patents in Russia, Europe, Belarus and China.

The advantages of composite over the traditional materials:
• Resistance to corrosion, decay and negative impact on the environment;
• Light weight;
• Low thermal conductivity;
• High elasticity;
• Low coefficient of expansion and wide range of operating temperatures;
• Low flammability;
• Durability of operation;
• A wide range of colors, shapes and designs.
At present time the application of composite materials is competitive in different spheres of
road, railway, industrial and civil construction because it helps to reduce the costs for
installation and service and owing to the fact that composite constructions have long lifetime.

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The Company’s goal was to develop, design and manufacture products, equipment and structures from composite materials and sell these products in the Russian Federation in the b-2-b markets.
LLC “Gildia M” designes biocomplexes for processing of various organic wastes of agricultural production and food industry to:
– obtain energy resources (biogas, electric and thermal energy);
– obtaining environmentally friendly organic fertilizers;
– dispose of waste.

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Organic fertilizer OKTORIN

Nitro Sibir Group of Companies encompasses more than dozen enterprises located in different regions of the Russian Federation and in Finland, engaged in the production and sales of commercial explosives and providing a full scope of drilling and blasting services.

Nitro Sibir Group of Companies was founded in 1990 and today it is a vertically integrated holding encompassing the enterprises specializing in the following types of businesses:

  • development of commercial explosives;
  • design, construction and maintenance of production complexes intended for manufacturing commercial explosives;
  • engineering and construction of processing equipment for the production and application of commercial explosives, including equipment for mixing and charging and delivery trailers;
  • drilling and blasting operations;
  • raw materials and material-technical supply for the complexes intended for manufacturing commercial explosives;

Among the company’s priority tasks are:

  • to achieve maximum level of safety for the processes of production and application of commercial explosives;
  • to develop an up-to-date efficient technology for the production and application of granulated and emulsion explosives meeting international standards, including EU, and adapted to the Russian raw materials base.

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Recreational and Sports Equipment Plant Roaman produces highest quality innovative sports and recreational equipment since 1999 and is currently one of the leaders of this industry in Russia.

Products of Recreational and Sports Equipment plant bring healthy lifestyle and happy childhood for kids in more than 20 countries.


  • Outdoor sports and playground equipment;
  • Children home playgrounds and home gyms on the basis of wall bars;
  • Soft module constructors, ball pits, educational toys;
  • Outdoor fitness and workout equipment

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Ardos company specializes in producing exercisers for cerebral palsy children. The company is looking forward to establishing business relations in the field of supplying of the exerciser with children’s homes and correctional institutions, rehabilitation centers, charitable foundation.

The exerciser is designed and manufactured according to customer specifications. The exerciser is a fixation system of child on adult with forced exercising the children muscle and verticalization simultaneously.

The exerciser increases rehabilitation measures efficiency, verticalization and development of muscle memory. It can be used in between rehabilitation period at home and outdoor.

Distinguishing features of the device include: unique patented construction, ease of use, the design is very flexible and varies depending on the required complexity of the load and height of the child.

Flexible and affordable exerciser for rehabilitation at home There are certain limitations on the use of most exercisers — they can only be used indoors, are good only for young children and can be used for a short time because they are not very convenient for the adults and the children.
Our ambition was to make an exerciser that parents can use both when walking with their children and at home, and that is easy to use and adjust to the height, age, and capabilities of the child.

ARDOS exerciser is easy to use both indoors and outdoors regardless of the season. The design is very flexible and varies depending on the required complexity of the load and height of the child.
Unlike its analogues, ARDOS will suit both young children and teenagers (up to 150 cm in height).
We are constantly conducting research on the exerciser’s functionality, so that the child feels comfortable and makes the right moves.

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