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Sberbank, with support from Digital Economy ANO and the Russia Association of Banks, will hold the International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC). The event will take place on 5-6 July 2018 at the World Trade Centre in Moscow.

The congress will serve as an international and interindustry platform for global dialogue on pertinent issues of cybersecurity between representatives of government bodies, global business leaders and high-profile experts in a globalised and digitised world.

The congress agenda will feature panel discussions, roundtables, and speeches by key international cybersecurity experts.


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Plant “STEKLONiT” is one of the leaders in the production of geosynthetic materials in our country. The first industrial batch of products was issued by the company in 1963, and it itself founded in 1961. Currently, the plant “STEKLONiT” are manufactured geocells are monofilament, fiberglass, multiaxial fabric, roofing and insulation materials, exterior fiberglass and many other types of fiberglass products.

Currently STEKLONiT JSC comprises two factories, STEKLONiT and Tverstekloplastik, outfitted with high-technology equipment, and Composite Solution, an R&D center. Through half-century of manufacturing experience combined with state-of-the-art technologies, the company manufactures high-quality products in line with breakthrough process engineering solutions.

STEKLONiT JSC is the leading Russian manufacturer of geosynthetic materials. The company manufactures geosynthetic products, innovative functional and construction materials forroad construction, defense industry complex, oil and gas industry, construction of buildings and facilities, railway construction, metallurgy and metalworking, vehicle and machine engineering, motor vehicles complex and many other industries. There is an international ISO 9001 quality management system implemented at the enterprises of STEKLONiT JSC. Products for road industry were certified at the EC market.

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Russia bidding team herewith bids for the honor of hosting 25th WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS in St. Petersburg, Russia. The suggested dates are June 11-15, 2022.
The bid, initiated by the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC RNC) and supported by Russian Energy Ministry, is a joint work of the WEC RNC and the meeting industry representatives such as Roscongress Foundation, a major conference and exhibition organizer, offering a range of services for running events of all kinds and levels of complexity, the Russian Convention Bureau, marketing organization intended to consolidate and unify the national congress and exhibition industry, represent and promote Russia on the international meetings industry market, Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau, promoting Saint Petersburg as one of the leading platform for business communication through bringing professional events to the city.
St. Petersburg is a charming place meeting all necessary requirements for the Congress, and our team is ready to do it’s best to organize an excellent event.

Having the world’s largest energy potential, Russia can initiate the discussion on forming transnational energy infrastructure, which will guarantee energy supply to regions with an energy deficiency, on the regional and sub-regional levels. This is particularly important, considering that the growing consumption of traditional energy resources linked to the economic growth and the enlarging population is a pressing issue. Experts say the global energy demand will double by 2030. Russia is ready to face and handle these challenges. We are sure that the 25th World Energy Congress can be held in Russia in 2022 at the highest possible level.

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The special economic zone “Titanium Valley” is a free customs area that offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers to place production: ready-to-use infrastructure, exemption from customs duty on import of capital goods; tax exemptions and tax holidays; lower tariff for utilities and “One Stop Shop” administrative treatment at all cooperation stages. The SEZ has several specializations among which are: production of titanium parts, production of high-technology equipment for metallurgy, machinery, aerospace and aviation industries, as well as production of construction materials.

For more information about SEZ “Titanium Valley” you can visit official site: titanium-valley.com/eng/ or Facebook

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The Second Baikal International Ecological Water Forum will be held in Irkutsk, on 20-21 September 2018.

In 2018 the organizers will expand the themes of the Forum: along with questions on choosing the best domestic and foreign technologies of wastewater treatment of Lake Baikal, the participants will discuss other important topics. One of the priorities is influence of water on human health and quality of life. Activities aimed at environmental education of young people in the framework of the project “ECO-GENERATION” will also be continued at the Forum.

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Presentation of the second Baikal International Ecological Water Forum

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