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The report presents a review of the results achieved by the first ten years of cluster policy in Russia. It summarises the outcomes of three cluster support
programmes: for pilot innovation clusters, leading clusters, and industrial clusters. The programmes are analysed in terms of the selection process and geographic
distribution of their beneficiaries, key performance indicators, and areas of federal support.
The edition also offers a structured description of the leading clusters in the following categories: general information (mission, industry specialisation areas,
products and services, key members, contacts); activities of the cluster management organisation; success stories, and invitation to cooperation. Leading cluster
profiles have been designed in line with the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) questionnaire.
The report is of practical interest to government agencies, cluster management organisations, companies, universities, research organisations, and to anyone else
interested in innovative, industrial and cluster policies.


Welcome to take part in the VII Murmansk International Business Week which is due on November 12-16, 2018. According to the regional government, the previous Business Week featured more than 20 major events, which attracted more than 3,500 participants from Russia’s 21 regions and from 13 foreign countries. The key events were a special session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and a special meeting of the state commission on the Arctic’s development.

About Murmans International Business Week 2018

Structure of VII Murmansk International Business Week

Intex AB (Smolensk stad) tillverkar lantbruksmaskiner för utfodring av nötboskap. Tekniken säljs under varumärket Hozain (dvs. Husbonde på svenska). Vår verksamhet under de senaste 20 åren har resulterat i en hög efterfrågan på vår produktion på marknaden i Oberoende staters samvälde. Vi är ett ledande företag i Oberoende staters samvälde när det gäller sortiment av fodervagnar. Vår andel på marknaden i Ryssland är mer än 25% inom vår bransch. Varumärket Hozain omfattar följande varor:

  • Foderhackare, foderblandare, fodervagnar med vertikala och horisontella skruvar,
  • Halmströare för att förse nötboskap med ströbädd av halm,
  • Släpvagnar för jordbrukstransporter,
  • Gödselspridare.

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Presentation Intech AB

Om Intech AB

Thursday, September 20th , 9–12 a.m.


8.20-9.00 – Registration and coffee

9.00-10.30 – Presentations and discussion

10.30-10.50 – Coffee-break

10.50-12.00 – Presentations and concluding discussion

Information about the Forum
The number of foreign tourists to Russia has been growing in recent years since the Russian Federation prioritizes different types of cultural contacts with our neighbors.
In September Russia holds an international Russian Travel market OTDYKH which is a leading travel and tourism event. In line with this event, Russian Trade Representation is eager to give the participants of the Russian-Swedish tourism forum an opportunity to meet new partners and clients-travel agencies, tour operators and other tourism industry representatives from Russia and Sweden.
Among the participants of the Forum are Russian and Swedish tourism companies, leading Russian medical institutions and regional administrations’ representatives.
For further information contact the Russian Trade Representation.

Mechanicz company is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of soft isothermical packing as well as thermal covers. This direction has already been developing for more than 7 years. Manufacturing opportunities are constantly growing, and at the moment the company is working over more than 300 thousand square meters of textiles into the ready sewn products per month. Our engineering and designing staff will provide with the decision of any task requested.

Thermal cover is a soft isothermical packing, and is represented as an article of industrial-use, manufactured by piercing technique of several layers of material. Thermal cover is designed for providing packed foodstuff with necessary temperature conditions, which allows to protect the cargo from damage and losses caused by environmental effect. By means of opportunity to keep a fixed temperature within itself during the set time, thermal cover can be used both for simultaneous transportation of food products with different temperature requirements, and for transportations either in a vehicle with a refrigerator or without it. Moreover, it will keep the products preserved from the temperature vibrations when the truck is repeatedly been closed and opened. It allows to reduce the expenses for transportation and to increase the quality of the transported goods reservation.

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