Company profile

CO.LTD “Krasnokamsk wooden toys factory”

Region: Perm kraj

Branscher: Tillverkning av barnleksaker

Produkter: Träleksaker

CO.LTD “Krasnokamsk wooden toys factory” today is production of quality eco-friendly toys that children play with both in Russia and abroad.

It is 5 000 sq.m. of production facilities, from the log sectioning plant till the packaging department.

It is modern equipment for production of sustained quality toys.

It is manufacture of 300-400 thousand toys per year and a huge potential for growth.

It is a close-knit team of professionals who love their job and put their heart and soul in each Krasnokamsk toy.

We produce not just a toy. We offer a training aid for development of children’s skills and abilities. At preschool age a game is primary activity of the child, it is the most favourite occupation of preschoolers. The need for a game appears at early childhood when the child’s pursuance of independence, desire to be "like adults" are very strong, but possibilities are still extremely limited. The only way to resolve this contradiction and to satisfy the child’s claims is a game. So the right choice of developing toys and playing with them together with the child define a lot, because the toy is a component of the object-developing environment.

However, despite its high didactic properties and imaginative advantages, a toy itself cannot bring up and develop the child without active participation of adults. For this reason we understand importance of creation not just toys, but toys as part of a technique by means of which parents and nursery teachers can develop children according to their age peculiarities.

We know what children need and help them to grow up and develop while playing!

Contact person: Ekaterina Ladeyshchikova,
International trade manager

Adress: Kommunisticheskaya str., 21B, Krasnokamsk, Russia

Telefon: ☎ +7 (34273) 45421