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Region: Vladimir oblast

Branscher: Dörrar

Produkter: Inre dörrar

The company’s portfolio includes more than 70 models of the conventional machine-cut doors, machine-cut doors with “art schematic drawing”, 3D milling, modular doors, doors with the bevels and TRIPLEX doors with a great number of options for decorative glass pattern. The special, high-quality Italian and German equipment allows to make the door patterns according to any sketches of the customers. The basis for the door structure is a reinforced pine frame made only of the high-quality raw material from the Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kirov and Karelian wood. The frame is molded with the MDF plates of increased strength, that, in turn, are covered with the veneer or PVC film in compliance with all environmental safety standards.

Adress: 15b Lesnaya St., Noviy village, Kovrovo district, Vladimir region, Russia

Telefon: +7 (999) 070-73-07; +7 (930) 033-33-73



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