Company profile

Pression Group Management – Urban Hardlandscapes

Region: Kaliningrad oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av kompositmaterial

Produkter: staket, räcke, ledstång

PGM-URBAN HARDLANDSCAPES» is a manufacturer and supplier of full-composite structures
used on the job-cites during construction and reconstruction of roads and railways, as well as in civil and
industrial construction.
The company was founded in August 2008 and has decades of experience in implementing of the
prestigious projects in the United Kingdom (by «HARDSCAPE» company with head office in Bolton) and
Spain (by «PGM ESPACIOS URBANOS» company with head office in Granada).
The company has got more than 15 patents for production, one of them is for the invention. These
products has valid patents in Russia, Europe, Belarus and China.

The advantages of composite over the traditional materials:
• Resistance to corrosion, decay and negative impact on the environment;
• Light weight;
• Low thermal conductivity;
• High elasticity;
• Low coefficient of expansion and wide range of operating temperatures;
• Low flammability;
• Durability of operation;
• A wide range of colors, shapes and designs.
At present time the application of composite materials is competitive in different spheres of
road, railway, industrial and civil construction because it helps to reduce the costs for
installation and service and owing to the fact that composite constructions have long lifetime.

Adress: 1V, Shaturskaya str.,Vasilkovo, Guryevsk district, Kaliningrad region, 238310, Russia

Telefon: +7 4012536203