Company profile

OCHAKOVO - Moscow Beer and Non-Alkoholic Beverages Company

Region: Moskva och Moskva oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av drycker

Produkter: drycker, öl, kvass, mineralvatten

Leading producer of traditional Russian kvass and other natural beverages: beer, light ready-to-drink cocktails, juices, wines, lemonades, mineral water and hard liquor. Producing beverages in 10 categories under more than 30 brands. The company operates 10 plants, factories and farms, including breweries and soft-drink bottlers, a malting plant, a winery, and vineyards and farms. Has combined annual capacity of 285 million DAL. Ship products to 30+ countries.

Adress: 121471, Moscow, Ryabinovaya str., 44

Telefon: +7 495 785 39 30



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