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Region: Orenburg oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av metallprodukter

Produkter: Produktion av produkter från ett metallnät med ett fint nät

Micromesh technologies is the company aimed at the creation and implementation of innovative technologies in a wide range of products with the use of mesh of small and ultra-small cell size.
The Company occupies a unique position in the Russian market of micromesh technologies. In fact, our Company is the sole producer of certain types of products in Russia.
The staff of the Company has a high level of technological knowledge. This enables us to keep moving forward bringing new products to market and satisfying the most complex requests of our customers.
Air and water are our most valuable natural resources. Micromesh technology helps to preserve and protect them. Our mist eliminators/demister packs, liquid and air filters, cascade separators can be used as a reliable components in liquid or gaseous emission cleaning. In addition, some processes, such as the fuel bay, oils cleaning, etc., require very fine mechanical cleaning. Filters produced by MICROMESH TECHNOLOGIES can help to solve this problem in the workplace.

Adress: 5, Sharlykskoe Shosse, 460000, Orenburg, Russia.

Telefon: +7 353 243 9155



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