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Nano deflectors

Region: Tjuvasjien

Branscher: Anläggningar av kompositmaterial

Produkter: Produktion av ventilationskomponenter


Nano deflectors that don't fail,

35% more productive than metal turbo deflectors

We manufacture durable nano deflectors to ensure proper operation

of ventilation systems
Made of high quality ABS plastic

Resistant to oxidation, moisture and sun

High quality SKF and NSK bearings are used

Resistant to mechanical damage

Spin easily and silently

High performance

Up to 4 times more effective than non-rotating deflectors

1 year warranty

Why do I need a Weather Turbine Vent?
In any building or structure there is a ventilation system that is responsible for the exhaust in the room. The pipe facing the street usually ends with some solution: either a traditional fixed ventilation poles,or a wind-driven ventilation turbine. A ventilation turbine solves this problem much more efficiently than conventional ventilation turbines, without using electricity for this purpose. Practice has shown that ventilation turbines made of metal, in addition to the obvious advantages, have a lot of disadvantages, which is why consumers choose traditional solutions.​​​​​​​

Adress: 428000, Russian Federation, Cheboksary city, Tekstilshchikov street, 10, office 3.

Telefon: +7 800 555 20 12



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