Company profile

Komitex Geo

Region: Komirepubliken

Branscher: Byggmaterial

Produkter: Nonwoven geotextile

Komitex Group is one of the largest manufacturers of nonwoven materials in Russia.

Komitex GEO (part of Komitex Group) is a leader in production and sales of geosynthetic materials in Russia and CIS. On international markets Komitex GEO can offer its’ customers high level of service, wide range of goods and reasonable level of prices. Every year Komitex Group produces over 100 million m2 or 30 000 tons of nonwoven materials on its factory in Syktyvkar.

Adress: 123022, Moscow, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya, 13, building 1, office 9

Telefon: +7 (495) 128-31-29



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