Company profile

Eidos Robotics

Region: Republiken Tatarstan

Branscher: Tillverkning av elkraft- och automationsteknik

Produkter: Robotik

The company "Eidos-Robotics" LLC carries out: development of projects,
manufacturing and implementation of technical solutions using industrial
robots for manufacturing and processing enterprises. The company has
design bureau, production base for full cycle robots,
engineering staff, field installation specialists.
To date, robotic solutions of our company have found
successful application, have established themselves as a reliable equipment and are accepted in
industrial operation:
-in transnational corporations such as "AB InBev Efes";
-in local companies: PC "Agromaster", LLC "Kazan plant" EUROPLAST ",
Plant “White Kremlin”, LLC “Evotek-Mirai Genomix” and others;
-international delivery experience: "Innovative Health Systems Limited"

Adress: 50 Peterbugskaya street office 308 Kazan 420107 Russia

Telefon: +7 843 227 40 62



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