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Joint-Stock Company “Production Association

Region: Sverdlovsk oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av medicinsk utrustning

Produkter: Multifunktionell anestesimaskin, Syreberedningsenhet, Luftfuktare för andningsblandningar, Andningsapparater för andningsstöd för nyfödda

The Joint-Stock Company Production Association "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Mr. E.S. Yalamov" (UOMZ) (Ekaterinburg) is one of the key organizations of the Shvabe JSC holding company, a member of the "Rostekh" State Corporation.
The enterprise develops and produces optoelectronic systems for various purposes. The plant is a large manufacturer of medical equipment, energy-saving LED lighting, geodetic instruments, and measuring equipment. JSC "PA"UOMP" exports to more than 80 countries.
In the structure of the UOMZ's output of non-defense products, the largest share falls on medical equipment. Today, the neonatal equipment of JSC "PA"UOMP" is installed in more than 1,000 medical obstetric institutions of the Russian Federation, including new perinatal Centres throughout the country.
The range of manufactured lighting products includes street, household and office lamps, lighting fixtures for housing and communal services and architectural lighting, LED traffic lights with the time record indicator, modern LED road signs and street signs. In 2016, over 5,900 units of modern lighting equipment for outdoor lighting and traffic control have been implemented. The macrocontracts have been signed with JSC "RZhD", municipalities of cities, specialized organizations responsible for road safety.
In 2016, thanks to active participation in the state program for equipping the perinatal Centres of the Russian Federation and implementing major projects in the field of lighting technique in Moscow, Ulan-Ude. Nizhny Tagil and other cities of the Sverdlovsk region, the share of non-defense output of UOMZ increased to 25% of the total.
In autumn 2016. on the "Biotechmed" international conference the world premiere of the MIM-340 unique laser microscope took place.
The innovative microscope has an ultrahigh resolution and surpasses all existing analogues in this parameter. Today, it appeared at leading Russian universities and research centres. The scope of the MIM-340 includes hematology, virology, transplantation, immunology and pharmacology.
UOMZ has a strong production potential. The amount invested by the enterprise in technical upgrade, modernization, reconstruction and the introduction of progressive technologies is increasing every year. The enterprise performs the planned technical upgrade, the introduction of progressive methods of production and management, including the use of information technology. Annual productivity growth in UOMZ is more than 120%.

Adress: 33B Vostochnaya St., 620100, Russia, Ekaterinburg

Telefon: +7 (343) 229-80-75



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