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«RPA Engineering «SVAROG»

Region: Moskva och Moskva oblast

Branscher: Industriell utrustning och transport

Produkter: Brandsläckningsutrustning

«RPA Engineering «SVAROG» is a research and production holding, including the «NICPV», «LIVENSKIY ZAVOD PROTIVOPOZHARNOGO MASHINOSTROENIYA», and separate division of «RPA Engineering «SVAROG» in Vologda (based on historical capacity of "Vologda Mechanical Plant").
«RPA Engineering «SVAROG» effectively works in the market of complex supplies of specialized equipment and materials for enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, the oil and gas industry, and processing enterprises. Products supplied both by our own production and by partner enterprises, at the same time «RPA Engineering «SVAROG» is an integrator of solutions. The personnel of the companies are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. «RPA Engineering «SVAROG» has sufficient production capacity (about 80.000 sq. m., workshops) and a multi-functional machine park, including:
• mechanical and technological equipment including CHPU turning and milling machines;
• metal cutting equipment (including plasma cutting), rollers, scissors;
• molding and pressing equipment for metal and plastic products;
• foundry equipment, forge, electroplating;
• welding equipment;
• painting equipment;
• spectral analysis equipment;
• probe and electron microscopes;
• metrology equipment;
• laser nanometer displacement meter (US-01M).
The main activity is a streamlined system for engineering, manufacturing and supplying equipment:
• pumping and mechanical process equipment, compressors;
• mechanical seals and spare parts for them;
• automotive equipment and spare parts for it;
• metal and metal products (forgings and billets);
• metrology equipment;
• instrumentation, electrical engineering, automation systems, automation cabinets, cable, batteries;
• grounding blocks, anode protection;
• electric motors;
• insulating materials;
• paint products;
• water treatment equipment, biological wastewater treatment systems, sewage pumping stations;
• boiler equipment including burners;
• water transport (non-propelled barges, boats, tugs);
• block thermal points, block modular buildings, containers;
• hydraulic equipment, hydraulic motors, diesel generators;
• tank and tank equipment, bottoms;
• heat exchangers, ABO sections, centrifuges;
• crane equipment and lifting mechanisms;
• tool;
• ventilation and air conditioning systems;
• OSR, incl. booms;
• fire-fighting equipment;
• machine tools and accessories;
• verification and calibration of measuring instruments;
• type approval of measuring instruments;
• metrological support of measurements in the micro and Nano range;
• research and development.
in the following areas:
• mechanical engineering of wheeled tractor equipment;
• mechanical engineering of self-propelled units;
• mechanical engineering of equipment and machinery for processing and transportation of products of the agro-industrial complex, oil and gas producing and processing industry;
• mechanical engineering of fire trucks, fire-fighting equipment;
• crane equipment;
• boiler and heat engineering equipment;
• compressor, pump and mechanic-technological equipment;
• equipment for the protection of pipelines and pumping units;
• equipment for sampling products of the oil and gas producing and processing industries - metrological equipment (flow meter, density meter, X-ray fluorescent meter of impurities in the oil and gas industry and the processing industry) including within the framework of import substitution;
• study of the structure, physicochemical and mechanical properties to create new models of general technology;
• Nano metrology studies using electron and atomic force microscopy;
• metrological support of devices (measuring instruments) of non-destructive testing;
• investment in re-equipment of production facilities.
«RPA Engineering «SVAROG» specializes in the production of the following equipment and technology:
• wheeled tractor equipment;
• fire tankers;
• tank trailers and semi-tank trailers;
• cooling tanks;
• storage tanks for liquids;
• capacitive devices, filter;
• automotive, trailed and all-terrain vehicles;
• communal cleaning equipment;
• fire and centrifugal pumps;
• pumping units, motor pumps;
• carbon dioxide and powder fire extinguishers;
• fire monitors, fire pressure lines;
• stop valves, pressure self-stabilizers, closures;
• liquid and combined burners for boiler equipment;
• stationary oil sampling systems;
• control panels for dry gas seals;
• metal containers, metal structures;
• boats, tows, barges;
• non-standard equipment under the order metrological support.

Adress: 121471, Moscow, ul. Ryabinovaya, 65

Telefon: +7 (499) 704-26-28