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Region: Moskva och Moskva oblast

Branscher: Tillverkning av små båtar

Produkter: Båtar av polyvinylklorid (PVC)

2004 YUKONA Co has been successfully engaged in the production and sale of boats in Russia From the first
steps the YUKONA brand has proved to be an interesting and reliable partner Over the years thousands of inflatable
boats of various purposes have been sent to the waters of Russia and still serve their owners as reliable watercrafts
lineup includes a wide range of boats, from small single rowing boats to marine motor boats The boats are
presented in a wide configuration of floors with a lightweight slatted floor, a moisture resistant plywood floor, an aluminium
floor, an air tank floor High tech construction, high quality and modern design distinguish all YUKONA models that have a
unique appearance, an excellent seaworthiness, combined with comfort and safety on the water
2015 boats were assembled and manufactured in China and South Korea under our control Due to the growing
demand for YUKONA products in the Russian market, we decided to create our own production base in Russia, which
allowed the company to increase production and respond quickly to changes in demand and price competition Now the
entire range of YUKONA boats is made in Russia
YUKONA products are made by highly qualified specialists from the best materials of foreign and Russian
manufacturers In 2019 YUKONA conducted a production audit and received the CE Certificate of Conformity of the
European Union for boats of the Air Tank series In the near future we plan to expand testing and certification of the entire
model range for compliance with international standards
present, the company is working hard to increase the production and boost sales of YUKONA inflatable boats in the
Russian market, as well as to enter the markets of Europe, Canada and the USA

Adress: 140001, Moskva oblast, Lubertsy, Oktaybrskiy prospekt, 249

Telefon: +7 919 389 4500



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