Investment Guide to the Republic of Bashkortostan

Bashkortostan is a sustainably developing Russian region. On gross regional product growth rates, the Republic is ahead of the Russian average, due to growing industrial production, consumer demand and investment. The traditionally strong industries, such as oil production, petrochemicals, machine building and agriculture are actively developing backed up by robust production, scientific, technological and personnel potential. Its position at the crossing of large transport routes, wealth in natural resources, skilled labour force, and developed industry and infrastructure make the Republic very attractive for investors.
Today, Bashkortostan demonstrates an open, transparent and honest partnership model. We have done a lot to improve the investment climate, including the creation of an appropriate legislative basis and the introduction of special reliefs and exemptions. A structured "one stop shop" framework of investor support provides for highly effective engagement with investors at all levels.


Investment Guide of Bashkortostan

Mechanical engineering enterprises of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Competence, engineering and technologies catalog.

Investment offers of the Republic of Buryatia.

The Republic of Buryatia now is a region of dynamic development of industrial potential and favorable investment climate that makes it one of the most attractive regions of Russia.
In order to achieve the strategic goal of development of our Republic - that is improvement of living standards and quality of life of the population - we aim at creation of competitive economy, development and modernization of production, transport and social infrastructure, forming of large industrial infrastructure complexes. We create the Baikal Haven Tourism & Recreation Zone as well as regional zones of economicfavor.
Buryatia has all conditions for development of investment cooperation. These are its advantageous transport and geographic position in relation to domestic and foreign markets, rich and highly explored mineral resources base, vast tourism and recreation resources, strategic reserve of pure drinking water, and high scientific, labor and cultural potential.
The Republic of Buryatia is open for implementation of new significant economic and social projects. We are constantly working at arrangement of the most favorable, beneficial and comfortable conditions for business development and attraction of potential investors.

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Catalog export-oriented enterprises of Ugra (Khanty-Mansi)

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Ugra -is an export-oriented region, and in the total volume of foreign trade turnover the export accounts for 93.5% , the import - 6.5%. Exports are: mineral fuel, oil and products of its distillation. The main directions in the development of foreign trade are foreign trade, foreign investment attraction. In 2015 foreign trade turnover of the autonomous okrug amounted US $ 12 529 400 000. The non-CIS countries made up 99.77% of the okrug total trade-turnover volume, the CIS countries made up 0.23%.

Catalog export-oriented enterprises of Ugra Khanty-Mansi

The 1st RUSSIAN FISHERIES FORUM & Seafood Expo Global

The 1st RUSSIAN FISHERIES FORUM & Seafood Expo Global - key industry specific event in 2017.

For the first time Russia will act as the host party for specialists in global fishery and contiguous economic industries of various countries.
Business program of the event discloses basic trends that determine development of uptodate fish market, introduces the best practices of fishery business, illuminates strategy and the key parameters that export-import policy of the Russian Federation features.
Exhibitors of the event are over 200 Companies from Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and USA; they will present their product, state-of- the-art knowhow and equipment for fishery industry.

Official site:

The 1st RUSSIAN FISHERIES FORUM & Seafood Expo Global